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Hats, hats, hats...

I love winter because of 3 things: hats, hats and hats.
Since I was a little kid I had a hat for every occasion, in every size and shape.

My first visit to Hrelic

I've been living in Zagreb for year and a half now, but I've never visited the legendary flea market Hrelic. So, on my initiative we made it like a small trip to Jakusevac. We didn't know where it was exactly but we heard that we sholud follow the crowd, and we did. I didn't know what to expect, then first people selling things showed up by the road and 3 minutes after I bought sunglasses. That was love at first sight!

20 kn  (2,60 Euro)

Then when we finally made it there, the adventure began. A lot of people, things I never imagined someone would sell like wires or deer horn! What we have learned is that you need to have no shame and dig!

My friend Mirjam bought 2 pairs!
My other friend Marta bought these Cat Eye sunglasses.

Next time I need to buy one of those typing machines. I think they would look amazing in my apartment! I didn't ask how much they cost because woman told me: NO PHOTO, only if you pay!

And after some time we started to see some things better, and dig deeper and we found these amazing old school Levis jeans, and bought them. The deal was who look better in them gets them. So as soon as we came home we tried them on, and I WON! I'm really happy!

Levis jeans 20 kn (2,60 Euro)
  All in all one very nice Sunday!


Dip and Dye, not hair but NAILS

Dip and dye is all around us! I found this tutorial for dip and dye nails, and I really loved how it looks... Here it is:

1. assemble the right tools
To start, you will need two complimentary pastel polishes—I used Dior "Saint Tropez" and Ginger + Liz "He's So Into Me." You'll also need an angled eyeliner brush to apply and mix your colors—don't use an expensive one because it will get covered with nail polish! Use a thin base coat to mix with the pigmented polish (make sure you don't choose a quick dry formula)—this will allow you to apply your color in translucent layers. Finally, a good top coat like Seche Vite will hide any bumps.

 2. apply a base coat

Make sure to wipe your nails free of oil so the polish stays as long as possible. Then, apply two layers of the base color onto clean nails. Use the lighter of the two colors you're working with as the base for the best results. Allow about 10 minutes to dry.

 3. mix colors

Use a piece of tin foil to mix equal parts of your second color with the thin base coat. Use the eyeliner brush to mix the color and base coat. Blend this in very small amounts, because as it dries it will become tacky quickly. You want to make sure you're using fresh polish on each layer.

 4.  layer lacquer

Begin layering the mixture of base coat and blue by lightly dabbing and swiping the color from the middle of the nail to the edge of the nail using the eyeliner brush. Make sure you work quickly and don't brush too much in any areas since it may cause the polish to separate.

 5. add thin layers

Add a second and third layer of the thinned out polish starting closer and closer to the tip of the nail each time, so that the color is concentrated at the ends of the nails. Each new layer should make the effect more and more opaque. At the very tip of the nail, brush on some un-thinned polish in your second color for maximum opacity.

6. top it off with top coat

You may need to add more layers to the gradient several times to perfect it, but a thick top coat is very forgiving and will cover up any texture mishaps as well as help blend the color even more. Finish the design by adding one to two coats of Seche Vite Top Coat.



Show off

When I was a little girl I hated jewelry. I used to cry when my mom tried to make me wear necklace or bracelet. Now she is still shocked by my obsession with oversized necklaces and rings. I gave her hope that one day her daughter will become a girly girl.
Even for my birthday I got 2 necklaces...
And now since we don't have to wear scarves or jackets, it is perfect time to show off neck accessorized with one of those. These are mine summer favorites:

And here are mine beautiful birthday gifts... Thanks girls :*

Do you like to wear them?


I'm melting down

Hello dear people, and you people who live in a place where temperature is lower than 30 C... I hate you!!!


Bow ties make me happy

Last few days all I can think about are bow ties… I can't explain that obsession, and now I have 2 new shirts and I can't seem to find any bow tie… can I make them???

Home sweet home

This summer I had all the time of the world for me, and for me only… First I went to my grandparent's house where Internet is undiscovered yet, and TV has only 4 programs when there's no wind or storm :)