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Old School

My first roller skates 

Yesterday mom found my old roller skates and asked me what to do with them… Because they don’t fit me anymore… blue Nike model with sparkles on each side… I loved them, but I wasn’t very good in riding them, especially stopping! I was only 12!

Today there are various models… But a long time ago there was only... like four wheel thing you would put on your shoes in, my aunt had those, she never let me wear them…because they were very dangerous!!! Trust ME!

But today they look amazing!

and for those who like extremes

There are some health benefits of roller skating! Roller skating is equivalent to jogging in terms of health benefits...While skating 10 miles per hour you'll burn 600 calories and look stylish!!

PS... I told my mom to save them... I'll keep them to remind me on great and funny childhood


  1. hahah I had Barbie sneakers with lights! My favourire sneakers ever!

  2. Uhh, i'd love to go to one of those retro roller-skating discos in the white ones with colorful wheels! :*

  3. hello someone can tell me where i can find one of them ?



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