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Hats, hats, hats...

I love winter because of 3 things: hats, hats and hats.
Since I was a little kid I had a hat for every occasion, in every size and shape.

Now it is a bit harder to have such a big collection, because my head has grown... a lot!
But I try my best. So my last find was beautiful dark red wool hat with leather line and a few feathers, perfect protection for upcoming snow.

Here are some beautiful hats that are on my wish list...

Do you like hats? Which one is your favorite for this winter?


  1. I love hats but I haven't found the right one. :P

  2. aww what a inspirational post - i want a hat now haha :) xx

  3. Great photos!!!thanks for visiting:-) would you like to follow each other?:-)

  4. Great photos, obsessed with hats myself :-)

  5. I love all those! I finally bought a hat for myself this year, I haven't worn one in YEARS XD


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