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Older guys

Lately I'm fascinated with black and white movies, and with old actors... I noticed that they all have something special. My mom told my she was always in love with Paul Newman. I couldn't understand how can she love someone from old movie... Now I get it (I'm in love with him too)!
If you haven't seen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Rebel Without a Cause I recommend it! You'll fall in love too <3
They all have amazing eyes, and something rebel that makes you want them, where are those guys today... I guess times change...
Now we all want Chuck Bass!

Could you resist anyone with Persol sunglasses, let alone Steve McQueen?


  1. Ohh love those old school movies! I'm a huge James Dean fan... he's awesome.


  2. thank you for the comment on my blog!
    nice blog!

  3. I've read cat on a hat tin roof way way back but I have not seen the movie yet. I hope it doesn't disappoint. On older actors or men, I will always be in love with Richard Gere and Al Pacino.


  4. I love old movies, too! even though I haven't watched that many...and I have to say that I really like the way men looked few decades ago:))))

  5. The Chuck Bass reference made me laugh!
    Love the men from hollywood's golden age :D:D

    There's also Don Draper from mad men, bit of new old hollywood? But he doesn't quite cut it...

  6. mm i love steve mcqueen, and those glasses :)

    love the blog



  7. they all have that certain...je ne sais quoi!!



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